How will LinkedIn make Messaging more Interactive?

How will LinkedIn make Messaging more Interactive?

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Ankit Raj
·Aug 17, 2021

Amidst the pandemic, LinkedIn plans to build a feature that will make messaging more interactive and enable a faster and better interviewing experience.

They will now bring video meetings in messaging and smart actions to schedule them.

With over 744 million users on LinkedIn, building this from scratch makes it a challenge.


Here is where cross-company interactions save time and benefit the business.

They have used Azure Communications Service that also powers the Microsoft Teams, to strengthen all the authentication and business logic around video meetings. It makes it even easier as they are using a product of their parent company.

They would now need to build a core microservice that will provide a layer of abstraction for product-based microservices.

This microservice will interact with Azure and handle requests from the client SDKs to add functionality specific to LinkedIn.

It will provide a fast and easy way for product teams at LinkedIn to incorporate native video meeting functionality.

Azure also takes care of reliability, scale, monitoring, trust and security.


There will still be many challenges for LinkedIn to overcome like, maintaining a mapping of users' LinkedIn identities, keeping track of future conferences, roles, permissions, etc.

Nevertheless, this integration will save a lot of their time, make the APIs even more robust and enable scalability to millions of users.

This addition will not only make messaging more interactive but enable a faster and better interviewing experience.

source - LinkedIn Engineering

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